Step Out Of Line

by dj jab bumble



wait that's



take one step at a time, if you step out of
line, they're gonna say "oh shit! he's a rebel now"
take one step at a time, if you step out of
line, you're gonna feel real good

verse 1:

, i used to walk on my own two feet, but
now i've got a hovercraft , (it's so neat!)
clown shoes on, with a big-ass wig and i
, i got a bowl of my favorite weed

., i used to give a fuck about opinions that don't
bare on my existence , (such persistence!)
now i write songs that mean nothing at all; if i
needed a drink, then my brain would be small


verse 2:

. taste the smile and stay for a while
(i) think you're gonna like what you see
(coz i) eat for free the forbidden tree
(gotta) let your self be

., i used to give a fuck about my ego
. where did he go? i don't really know, but i'm
seeing the commercials for reductionist passtime
, remember last time? not this time!



released December 4, 2019




XPaint Sheboygan, Wisconsin

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